All businesses pay. Smart businesses take advantage.

Find opportunities to save in your small business with a free energy assessment. As part of the assessment, you’ll receive free energy efficiency products and a report with recommendations for smart ways to save in your business. 

If your business meets the following qualifications, follow the steps below to participate.

  1. Uses less than 60,000 therms of natural gas per year.
  2. Is either owned/operated by an individual or is a non-profit or religious organization.
  3. Franchisees owning more than 10 locations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for eligibility. 
  • Not sure? Call 877.886.4239 to see if you qualify as a small business.

Schedule an assessment:
Call 855.801.5805 to schedule the assessment.


Receive the assessment:
An Energy Advisor will perform a one to three hour walk-through to collect information about your business’s energy use. You will receive a report detailing your business’s energy needs and opportunities for saving energy and money in your business.


Get free energy-saving products:
The Energy Advisor can install the following energy efficiency products in your business at no cost:

  • Pre-rinse spray valves for your commercial kitchen
  • Faucet aerators for kitchen(s) and bath(s)
  • Water-saving showerheads
  • Hot water heater pipe wrap (insulation)
  • Salon sprayers

Customized energy report:
After the assessment, you'll receive an actionable plan for increasing comfort, saving energy and reducing costs in your business. Review the report for detailed information and next steps for saving energy and reducing costs in your business.

Perform the recommended energy-efficiency improvements:

Choose a contractor to install new equipment and provide the recommended energy efficiency upgrades; then apply for applicable rebate(s) to save even more.