Energy savings made simple

for your multi-family property

With a FREE assessment and energy-saving products, you can capitalize on valuable energy efficiency opportunities.

The Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program and the ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program can help you discover these opportunities with a FREE energy assessment. Multi-family energy assessments are available for owners and property managers of multi-family rental properties with five units or more only. Representatives of condominium buildings and individual tenants may be eligible for a home energy assessment. Click here to learn about the home energy assessment.

Simply follow these steps to start saving energy at your property:


Schedule an assessment:

Call 855.801.5804 or click here to schedule the assessment if you are a property owner or manager of multi-family rental properties with five units or more.


Receive the FREE energy assessment:

An energy advisor will perform an assessment to collect information about your property’s energy use. You will receive a report detailing energy needs and opportunities for saving energy and money at your property.


Get FREE energy-saving products:

The Energy Advisor may install the following energy-saving products in your property at no cost:

  • WaterSense® certified faucet aerators for kitchen(s) and bath(s)
  • WaterSense certified showerheads
  • Domestic hot water pipe insulation
  • Pre-rinse spray valves (common area only)
  • Programmable thermostat (in-units only)
  • ENERGY STAR® certified LEDs (in-units only, for ComEd customers)
  • Advanced power strips (in-units only, for ComEd customers)

Customized energy report:

After the assessment, you'll receive an actionable plan for conserving energy and reducing operational costs in your property. Review your report for detailed information and next steps.


Perform the recommended energy efficiency improvements:

Complete your projects by choosing a contractor to perform the work and then apply for Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program or ComEd Energy Efficiency Program rebates to save even more.

Contact us at 877.886.4239 to schedule your assessment.