Building optimization 

Building optimization services help commercial and industrial facilities improve existing systems to maximize efficiency. This offering is not currently available but will be launching soon.

Typical projects completed through building optimization services include:

  • Set point adjustments
  • Sensor calibrations
  • Airflow adjustments
  • Static pressure correction
  •  Reset modifications
    • Outdoor air reset
    • Hot water reset
    • Supply air temperature reset

Building optimization services available:

Express building tune-up

Provides a streamlined way to receive building optimization services for smaller facilities (< 150,000 sqft).

Express building tune-up targets easy-to-fix items that will enhance building performance and reduce energy consumption. 

Projects typically take six to eight weeks to complete.


A systematic evaluation of mechanical and electrical systems will identify low-cost energy-saving operational improvements that will pay for themselves in 18 months or less.