Instant discounts

A great benefit to being a Contractor Circle member is that you can offer instant discounts to your customers. Simply deduct the rebate amount as a separate item on the final invoice so that the customer instantly receives the discount. From there, complete and submit an application and a customer-signed invoice, or submit an invoice and a customer-signed invoice checklist (available in the reference center). You'll receive the full rebate direct to you from energySMART.

Why offer instant discounts?

  • You help your customers reduce their out-of-pocket costs while charging the same price
  • Offering instant discounts helps you close sales on high-efficiency products
  • Minimal paperwork and an online instant discount application portal just for Contractor Circle members makes the process fast and hassle-free. Benefits of the online application include:
    • Pre-populated company information: No need to enter your company name on every application.
    • Direct deposit: Only the online instant discount application portal has the option to select direct deposit. Direct deposit information is pre-populated in the application, and rebate payments are electronically deposited into your account.
    • Qualifying products: The built-in drop-down lists with qualifying manufacturers and models ensures the equipment you installed qualifies for a rebate.
    • No more postage stamps: All of your required documents can easily be uploaded to the application.
    • Simplify accounting: All application details are included on the check stub or direct deposit, so it’s easy to match a check to a customer’s invoice.
    • Easy to track: Track your outstanding applications in our portal – you’ll be able to see what’s processing, what’s paid and what’s pending further information.

Frequently asked questions

Check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about instant discounts.

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