New construction

The New Construction Service, in coordination with ComEd, provides financial incentives and technical assistance to encourage design teams and building owners to surpass standard practices and exceed energy code requirements.

This service supports your project’s goals while offering the opportunity to explore energy-saving ideas and strategies in new construction and major renovation projects. These strategies may offer long-term energy and cost savings for your project. It also offers the following benefits:

  • Access to technical experts at no cost to identify ways to save energy and lower operating expenses 
  • Financial incentives to offset the cost of installing energy-efficient equipment and materials 
  • Design incentives to reward the lead design firm for active participation
  • Energy modeling or whole building energy simulations to optimize the building design for energy performance 
  • Annual energy cost savings to help you assess the cost effectiveness of energy efficient design strategies.
  • Assistance with exceeding energy code

Contact us early in design

The best time to identify high performance building design strategies and technologies is very early in the design process. Contact the New Construction Service Team to discuss project eligibility, incentives and technical assistance. Applications must be submitted early in design to qualify for the program (pre-design or schematic design is best). Projects in construction will not qualify. 

"The technical experts on the New Construction Service Team helped us identify many cost-effective energy-efficient features that were added to the design of our buildings."

- Sumit Ray, PE, CEM, LEED
Director, Engineering & Utilities
University of Chicago

Want more information?

Funds are limited and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

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