Assessments for public facilities

Public sector customers can receive a detailed energy-usage analysis that includes site inspection, energy savings recommendations and design review suggestions to help maximize energy efficiency. With four levels of assessments to help identify areas for energy savings, it’s easy to start understanding your energy usage. Our technical support helps you implement energy-saving recommendations and provides assistance through the process. 

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Types of assessments:

Quick advice

Learn about the energy assessments and design assistance offerings, find answers to your energy efficiency-related questions and find out if you can benefit from additional services. This initial consultation includes:

  • Advice for your building
  • Referrals and relevant recommendations
  • No application necessary

Site visit, design review and energy assessment

Receive a list of recommended energy cost reduction measures including information on incentives available for your building, plus find out if your building could benefit from further program services. The energy assessment includes:

  • Energy bill analyses
  • Site inspection and design review with energy savings recommendations

Detailed design assistance

Identify specific cost effective energy cost reduction measures and potential savings. This in-depth analysis includes:

  • Software energy simulation
  • Detailed recommendations
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Examination of major energy-consuming building components including the building envelope, lighting, heating, ventilating and cooling systems

Implementation assistance

Receive help throughout the process of installing energy efficiency improvements. Support includes:

  • Follow-up and in-the-field guidance
  • Increased technical knowledge
  • Financing assistance
  • Bid process support
  • Life cycle cost analyses

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Public housing and multi-family properties

Free assessments and financial assistance are also offered to help public housing buildings and affordable* multi-family properties in order to help building owners and their residents save money and energy.

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* Affordable housing and low-income housing do not necessarily mean the same thing. In this document, affordable housing refers to all the types of housing that Elevate Energy works with, as follows: Elevate works with a variety of subsidized (including Section 8) and un-subsidized multifamily properties. For non-subsidized housing it targets low-income areas, and building owners certify that the rent is affordable to families at or below 80% of the area median income.