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Complete System Replacements and the AHRI Number

Note for residential Nicor Gas customers: The information here is provided for HVAC contractors and wholesalers. If you do not have an AHRI number for your Complete System Replacement, we strongly recommend contacting your installing contractor to request it.


Understanding the AHRI Number


What is an AHRI Certified Reference Number?

The AHRI Certified Reference Number (or AHRI Number) is a unique number assigned to equipment by the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI). The AHRI tests the performance of commercially available equipment, and assigns a unique identifying number to matched equipment that can be used to look up performance information for that equipment.

Why Do I Need to Provide an AHRI Number for Complete System Replacement Rebates?

The AHRI Number allows us to verify the actual energy efficiency for the combination of installed indoor and outdoor air conditioning equipment. By providing this number, we can verify that your equipment performs to the high efficiency standards that provide homeowners with savings on their energy bills.

Can I Use My AHRI Number to Check Whether the Central Air Conditioning Equipment I Carry Meets the Minimum Efficiency for the Complete System Replacement Rebates?

Yes! Here are the steps you can use to check that your central air conditioning system meets the minimum 14.5 SEER Rating for the Complete System Replacement program.

Step 1.

Visit and under the Residential section, click "Air Conditioners and Air Conditioner Coils."


Step 2.

Enter your AHRI Certified Reference Number in the appropriate field at the upper left of the search page. Click the “Search” button at the lower right. (Note: Don’t forget to enter the security code above the Search button, if prompted.)


Step 3.

On the results page, there will be a column called “SEER”. Below that you will see the SEER Rating for the air conditioning equipment referenced by the AHRI Number you provided. Condenser and Evaporator Coil combinations with a SEER of 14.5 or higher are eligible for Complete System Replacement. (Please Note: In order to qualify for CSR rebates you must also be sure that the furnace you’re installing has a 92% or higher AFUE. Check whether your furnace meets minimum efficiency requirements by clicking here.)



What Else Should I Know About the AHRI Certified Reference Number?

It’s a good idea to look up equipment information using the AHRI number before installing equipment for any customer who may be participating in Complete System Replacement program. This way, both you and the customer are choosing equipment with the confidence that it is eligible for a rebate.

We also strongly recommend placing the AHRI Number on customer invoices for Complete System Replacement-eligible installations. By doing so, you can avoid getting call-back questions from customers who are completing a rebate application, and make the rebate process faster and easier for everyone – including yourself!


How Can I Look Up the AHRI Number for the Central Air Conditioning Equipment I am Installing?

Option 1 – Connect with Your Wholesaler

The fastest and easiest way to obtain an AHRI Certified Reference Number on your equipment is to go straight to your distributor and request it. Most wholesalers keep a list of AHRI Numbers for the equipment in their inventory, and requesting this number will save you the trouble of looking up these numbers manually.

Rather than requesting AHRI Numbers on a case-by-case basis, you may save yourself time by requesting a full list of AHRI Numbers from your distributor for the HVAC products you carry and keeping this list handy for future Complete System Replacement installations.

Option 2 – Look Up the AHRI Number Online

You may also look up an AHRI Number manually using a variation of the method above on the AHRI website. This involves a bit more effort than Option 1, but can be useful if you’re unable to get the information you need from your supplier.

Step 1.

Visit and under the Residential section choose the “Air Conditioners and Air Conditioner Coils” option.



Step 2.

Enter information on the indoor (evaporator coil) and outdoor (condenser) equipment into the appropriate fields and click the “Search” button.


Step 3.

Locate the result that matches the equipment you are using. Copy down the AHRI Number for the matched equipment after you have verified that it meets the minimum 14.5 SEER Rating.



Other Useful Tips

  • You do not need to complete all of the search fields to look up your equipment. Focus your attention on the Manufacturer and/or Model information, and use the more detailed fields if you need to narrow down the number of results.

  • If your search is not returning a result, you may try a less specific search. For example, entering a full model number will only return a result if it is an exact match (including formatting characters like hyphens). Entering only the first few letters of a product model number will return a larger list of results for all pieces of equipment starting with those letters.

  • If your equipment is listed as "Discontinued" it’s no problem as long as it meets the minimum 14.5 SEER Rating requirement. (NOTE: Discontinued equipment may be removed from the AHRI database 12 months after the manufacturer stops manufacturing it, in which case you can request the AHRI certificate by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

  • Equipment that is listed as "Obsolete" is NOT eligible for a Complete System Replacement rebate.

  • Additional guidance on using the AHRI Directory can be found at:

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